Introduction to pelvic floor therapy for occupational therapists
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Ready to start your pelvic health career?
Just starting out as an OT but don't know how to break into pelvic floor therapy?

Are you an established OT looking to change your focus to women's health but don't know where to begin?

Love women's health but the thought of performing an internal exam has you feeling like you have two left hands?

Want individually tailored feedback on your progress?

Then this course was designed for YOU!

Introduction to Pelvic Floor Therapy is a one of a kind online training course that was built by an OT for OTs.
Meet Lindsey Vestal, your pelvic sherpa

Lindsey Vestal, M.S. OTR/L is the founder of The Functional Pelvis, a NYC based private practice specializing in pelvic floor therapy.

Her practice has been featured in:
        * New York Times
        * Harpers Bizarre
        * Well Rounded NY

        * Podcasts:
             * This is Why You're Single
             * Yoga Birth Babies
             * Period Party
Lindsey is very passionate about promoting positive and holistic education to everyone with a pelvis.  The pelvic floor is such a vital part of our being and she finds that most people aren't talking about it enough.  She is changing that one pelvic floor at a time.

what will be included in the course?
Pelvic Anatomy, Function and Dysfunction
We demystify the pelvic floor + core muscles and their function while also learning how to explain these essential concepts to your clients.
Best Practices for Client Intake and Interviewing
Interviewing is such an essential aspect of starting your relationship with a client. Learn the art of obtaining relevant info while putting your client's comfort first; an essential quality of an exceptional pelvic floor therapist.
Learn Internal + External Exams
Learn the art and science of internal + external exams from a real model.  Gain the confidence you need to succeed and operate like a pro.

here's what OT's Have to Say about the course
"Lindsey’s course has value beyond measure. Not only does Lindsey provide education of complex and sensitive topics in a way that is easy to comprehend, she provides participants interactive opportunities to practice the learned skills of the course. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable and successful practitioner, and I truly believe that this course will immensely benefit our profession and our presence in the women’s health field for occupational therapy.”

       - Kourtney R.
"OT Pioneers is a superb crash course in what you can expect to see and do as a newcomer in the field of women’s health. She provides tips and tricks to better grasp the concepts which helped me build my own patient education toolkit. I know for a fact I will be referencing back to those for use with my own clients in the future."

     - Elle B. 
Lindsey's course was awesome! She is warm and encouraging and a wealth of information. I left this course feeling more confident and empowered in my role as on OT working in women's health. The information in this course has helped give me the fuel I needed to pursue my passions and begin my work with women. Thanks so much Lindsey!

     - Amanda L. 
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